Who are we?

Don’t judge a book by its cover? Neither do we! Students for Literacy is a #UVic club that provides weekly classroom and Saturday reading mentorship to kids in Victoria, BC. We work in schools and on the UVic campus.

Students for Literacy are a UVSS volunteer group that work to promote literacy and life long reading in elementary and middle school students.

Each year, our volunteers are pared up with their own young reader to mentor. Every Saturday during one of two sessions (morning or afternoon), volunteers and younger buddies meet for two hours to share healthy snacks, read books and play games. Students for Literacy also participate in a classroom program where volunteers can be paired up with a teacher to provide support in local schools.

Students for literacy provides a safe, secure, and fun environment for children and buddies to interact, have fun and build reading skills. Participation in either program is an excellent way to get involved in the community and gain a valuable experience to put on your resume!

Mission Statement

We at UVic Students for Literacy  believe that by sharing our knowledge and skills, we can support literacy in our community. Through tutoring and acting as role  models, we encourage our learners to develop their own foundation of  learning. We embrace the diversity of our volunteers and learners, and celebrate the unique experience that each brings to the program.

We believe in the student centred method of tutoring. It is based on the fact  that  students  bring a great deal of life experience to a learning situation. Learning should be based on the student’s strengths rather than on deficits. By having the student and tutor create the curriculum together, we feel this brings a better equality to the learning relationship.

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